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I replied to him saying, "mom's broccoli sucks! The whole time he was yelling at me to get back over there. I get into my bedroom slam the door closed, lock it, and run to my bed to hide. My dad was on the other side absolutely blasting the door pounding on it extremely hard yelling, "you better open this door right now!! My dad once in my bedroom stands on top of me, violently flips me over on to my stomach, only to beat my ass even more.

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I think I straight cried for an hour or two and was absolutely scared of my dad for a good month and even for the rest of the year I didnt want to get near him. I mouthed off to my step dad when i was around 12 and had my ass tanned so bad, it was black and blue for days. He had a bit of a temper. One time we were on a family vac in Destin and we were running around an alvin's type store after being told to stop No specific stories but my dad used to hit the tops of my hands and the top of my head with a big metal soup spoon.

Also, would make me stand in the corner next to a swinging interior door so long, my parents would forget I was there and coming flying through the door, launching it open and hitting me in the back of the head with it, causing my face to hit the wall. Not technically a corporal punishment story, but this thread reminded me of an event that happened to me in pre-school that in retrospect probably had some significant effect on the way I am now, as an adult. So, normally they sent all the boys into one corner of the room, which was out of view from the rest of the room, since the room had sort of an L shape, and it was around the corner of the "L" as far as the layout of the room, and girls would be in the other section of the room, just out of site.

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But there weren't any doors or anything, this was all just in the classroom of the preschool, so if I ran out towards the corner of the L of the room, I could see right into the girls changing area. I did this a few times, and they always got mad at me and scolded me to teach me that that wasn't allowed, and would give me a time-out when we got to the swimming pool etc as punishment for running into the girls changing area when we were changing earlier. After the 3rd time or so that I did that, they ended up setting up a bunch of plastic chairs as sort of a visual barricade in the girls changing area, so that if I ran around the corner of the room to spy on them,I wouldn't be able to see them changing.

Spanked: Real Stories

Anyway, so this female teacher assistant who was about middle age sees that I'm not wearing my swimsuit when we were at the pool, and says "No, you need to change into your swimsuit if you're going to swim, you can't swim in your shorts. So, she grabgs my swim-bag that had my towel and swimsuit in it and looks in it and finds the swimsuit and hands it to me and says "Ok, well, c'mon change into your swimsuit so you can go swim with your friends".

I look around looking to see where I am supposed to change that is out of view from my female classmates, who are only like feet away from me at this point by the side of the pool, who can see me easily, as I'm standing in the middle of a grass lawn by the side of the pool, in plain view at this point.

The teacher assistant asks me what I'm waiting for and again tells me to get changed.

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So, I started whining about how all the girls can see me, and they're gonna see me naked etc. The teacher assistant laughs, since I guess she assumed that I wasn't old enough yet to comprehend the concept of nudity and being embarrassed to be seen naked by the opposite gender etc, but she was wrong, as I already definitely was acutely aware of this by this point. Adding to the irony of course was the fact that I had repeatedly tried to violate the privacy of the girls that had been changing in the classroom on previous occasions.

So finally, after getting extremely embarrassed and blushing super bad and I think crying a little bit, I gave in and took all my clothes off and put on my bathing suit while all the girls at the edge of the pool watched, and pointed and whispered to each other and giggled etc and stared at me while I changed. But then, many years later, when I started to hit puberty, I noticed that in addition to having a strong obsession with voyeurism, I also had an exhibitionist fetish as well not as strongly as the voyeurism fetish maybe, but almost.

Little does that teacher assistant realize the monstrous pervert she most likely inadvertently created on that fateful summer day. Maybe she knew about you trying to always see the girls and was just trying to teach you a lesson? In any case, I'm actually extremely glad that it happened, because I actually enjoy being a pervert.


Nothing too extreme except for one time when we pissed him off so much he insisted that we get our asses wet in the bathtub prior to the use of the paddle. I think I was about six at the time. Lol, I got disciplined when I was a freshman on the high school swim team once in this exact manner, minus the binder, and it was indeed pretty unpleasant. Makes your leg muscles feel like they are on fire after a while, and then when its finally over with, your legs feel like they are made out of jello and your knees buckle if you try to to walk at all for a little while.

I got hit with a wooden paddle in the butt five times after I killed the neighbor's dog. My parents are monsters. I was about 10 and making a stink about pot pies for dinner. My Dad got mad and grabbed my hand and shoved it into a pot pie. I wound up with burns so bad I needed a Doctor.


This was way before anyone gave a shit about child abuse so that wasn't even an issue. I know he was in tears as a result of my injuries but I healed quickly enough. He never attempted to lay a hand on me again and I never backtalked to him about anything either. It was one of the most unfortunate days in our family history but it made us stronger in the end. When Ivana walked into the hallway, and Mrs. K had closed the door, she turned and asked, "Is everything okay, Ivana? K was wearing a floral sleeveless dress with a hem a few inches above her knees.

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I don't know how to begin so I'll just begin. This essay is part of my punishment so I'm sure this will count against me. Before I was writing this I was kneeling in the corner rubbing my bottom after a spanking. It was for a minor naughtiness I was given a lecture which was humiliating enough to bring me close to tears. Expecting a painful but bearable ten minutes or so over the lap I This is bad , Chelsea thought.

This is really bad. David hated it when she was late. And she was very late. And it was their anniversary. They had met exactly one year ago. Chelsea's mouth quirked into something between a smile and a grimace as she remembered how it Pauline Manson smiled as she wiped the cups and plates, which she took from her dishwasher, with a tea towel. The seventy-year-old retired School Mistress tried to keep herself busy in order to help the time pass a little quicker before Zofeya and her boyfriend arrived. She hummed to herself as she placed her things back in the cupboard.

Pauline Manson was looking forward to spanking Emma Kemp was eighteen-years-old and at sixth form college, but hated it, and so sent a message to the college saying she was ill. However, far from being ill, she went to the seaside and intended spending the day on the beach.

Miss June Johnson was the fifty-three-year-old headmistress at the sixth form college. She also wanted to get away from the college for a few days and spend some time Miss McKenzie had spanked Mike and Jo naked for missing gym lessons. Now it was happening again After writing my last story I was encouraged to write a sequel. However, the punishment turned out well because a class mate of mine, Jo, was also stripped and she was punished at the same time.

After our punishment, Jo Pauline Manson sat and smiled at her old friend who was sitting on the sofa across from her. The retired School Mistress could not quite believe what her friend, and colleague, Alice Conway, had just asked of her and took a few moments to think about how she would reply to her offer. They arrived across the street and she is relieved that none of the neighbors are outside to see her naked. Once inside he removed the collar and she fell to her knees with her head down in the submissive position.

He stroked her hair and told her she was a good girl and that everything will be okay. It was now several weeks since eighteen-year-old exchange student Hannah had first spanked Jeff and he had broken rule after rule since then and Hannah never hesitated to spank him each time. He continued to resist being spanked anywhere other than at home and in private because whilst he wanted to be spanked by the teenager he thought it too humiliating to be spanked in front of anyone Dale and Sandra were both sitting in the restaurant even though it was well past the time they were told they had to be back at the care home.

It was summertime and they were both in their normal sleeveless floral dresses with the hems really high up their thighs.

Of course, Dale knew that was deliberately designed like that to enable the carers to smack their legs if they needed to. Zofeya Caldwell and her friend, Aimee Connell sat nervously on the sofa in the living room. Opposite Ms.